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Vendor: Keny Stationery

Keny LIC Policy Display File | 4 Pockets

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Product Type: LIC File
SKU: 860 Multi-color
Weight: 0.1 kg
Vendor: Keny Stationery

Size: 12.80x9.25 inches
Color: Multi-color

Short description

  • Secure and Organized: Featuring a Clear Book with non-stick PP Folders and plastic clip to file more papers..
  • Large Capacity: Each Clear Book can securely hold over 8 paper documents, LIC Policy, Medical Policy, Insurance policy, brochures, sales sheets, and more, keeping your documents securely as it has 4 Folders.
  • Size: A4 Size Folder. This Poly Folder can Accommodate A4 Size Papers (30 x 21 cm).
  • Heavy Duty: This Clear Display Book is Thick and Durable. Its folders are made from Chemical free PP Plastic Material which does not stick to the papers.
  • Portable and Modern Design: Slim profile and lightweight, it's perfect for carrying in your hand, handbag, or filing cabinet.
  • Material Quality: This Clear File is made from Recyclable PP Plastic. It is Sturdy Durable, Scratch Proof and Water Proof, Easy to clean and Easy to use.
  • Neat & Tidy: Keep your Papers neatly organized, whether in the office, school, company, or home and de-clutter your desk.
  • Plastic Texture: Leather Feel Appearance.
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Discover the ultimate solution for safeguarding your valuable LIC documents with our meticulously crafted LIC File. This tailored file is designed to impeccably organize and secure all your life insurance policies and medical records. No more worrying about misplaced or damaged documents – our LIC File is here to provide you with the peace of mind you deserve.


Equipped with a sturdy Plastic Clip and four dedicated plastic folders, our LIC File ensures that your loose papers are securely stored, preventing any risk of falling or tearing. This level of organization not only keeps your documents safe but also provides effortless access whenever needed.


Unlike other options, the Keny Stationery 4-Pocket Clear Leaf Display File sets a new standard for environmentally conscious storage. Constructed with non-stick PP Plastic, this display file embodies our dedication to both efficiency and sustainability. Designed to cater to the needs of students and professionals alike, it presents a smart and structured solution for managing and retrieving your vital records.


Each transparent pocket is thoughtfully engineered to accommodate up to 2 sheets, resulting in a 8-sheet capacity per display file. Your certificates, property documents, pictorial leaflets, and legal-sized papers remain flawlessly preserved and readily accessible for future reference.


But our commitment to excellence doesn't stop there. Our display file is not only innovative in design but also free from harmful chemicals, ensuring it's a safe choice for everyone, including children. Experience the ease of an organized life, bid farewell to paper clutter, and take a step towards a more sustainable future with the Keny Stationery LIC File.


Rely on Keny Stationery for unparalleled quality, unbeatable reliability, and a storage solution that truly cares for your LIC documents.