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Keny Cobra Spring Clip File | Best for FC/ FS / Foolscap / Legal Size Paper | Stainless Cobra Spring Clip | (821F)

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Product Type: Clip File
SKU: 821F1
Vendor: Keny Stationery

Color: Black

Short description

  •  SIGNIFICANCE: This file allows you to flip the pages, front & back without removing them all every now and then, which makes it convenient to file papers in the middle. Keny Files are thick, durable, & of supreme quality that solves your filing problems and thus making it a better choice 
  • UTILITY: It is a multi-purpose File that can be useful to the best of your imagination at Home, School/College, or the Office. You can file all kinds of documents like electricity and other bills, worksheets, other important office papers, etc. It is quick to store and access your paper with ease & convenience
  • TYPE OF CLIP: It comes with Cobra Spring Clip made of Stainless Steel Material which does not let the clip get rusty, because of which papers can be kept safe for longer period
  • PLASTIC TYPE: Eco Friendly, since this file is made from Recycled Plastic
  • SIZE GUIDE: Best fit for FC / FS / Foolscap / Legal Size Paper/Document (21.6 x 34 cm), and the folder dimensions are 25x36 cm (L*W)
  • FILE CAPACITY: Stores up to 100 papers within the Spine Size of 2.5cm
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  • KENY: Office Stationery is proud to present - Cobra Spring Clip Files. They help give your boring papers a new outfit! Are you tired of constantly loosing or searching for your documents? The Cobra Spring Clip File can be used to store punched documents, papers, sheets, notes, etc. It is convenient to use since it flips the pages easily because of the Spring attached to the Clip that helps locks and releases papers. It is designed to file papers that you want to place in between the other documents quickly. This file is durable for long term use.The Cobra Spring file comes with a stand that holds FC/FS/Foolscap/Legal (35 x 21 cm) Size documents.