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Beautiful World, Where Are You

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Product Type: Romance / Fiction
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Author: Sally Rooney
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  • Author : Sally Rooney
  • Publisher : Faber & Faber
  • Edition : Export edition (7 September 2021)
  • Language : English
  • Genre : Romance / Fiction
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'Beautiful World, Where Are You is Rooney's best novel.' THE TIMES*The Sunday Times and Global number one bestseller*Alice, a novelist, meets Felix, who works in a warehouse, and asks him if he'd like to travel to Rome with her. In Dublin, her best friend Eileen is getting over a break-up and slips back into flirting with Simon, a man she has known since childhood.Alice, Felix, Eileen and Simon are still young - but life is catching up with them. They desire each other, they delude each other, they get together, they break apart. They worry about sex and friendship and the world they live in. Are they standing in the last lighted room before the darkness, bearing witness to something? Will they find a way to believe in a beautiful world?'A tour de force. The dialogue never falters, and the prose burns up the page.'GUARDIAN'Rooney's strongest writing thus far . . . There is a touching honesty and truthfulness in these pages, along with a quiet brilliance.'FINANCIAL TIMES'The book moved me to tears more than once . . . Rooney's best novel.'THE TIMES'Rooney's best novel yet. Funny and smart, full of sex and love and people doing their best to connect.'Brandon Taylor, NEW YORK TIMES'Written with immense skill and illuminated by an endlessly incisive intelligence.'IRISH TIMES'Beautiful World, Where Are You is not just worth reading. It's worth thinking about.'IRISH INDEPENDENT'Brilliantly done: gripping, steamy, unbearably sad.'TELEGRAPH


From the Back Cover

I was sitting half-asleep in the black of a taxi, remembering strangely that wherever I go, you are with me, and so is he, and that as long as you both live, the world will be beautiful to me. 


About the Author

Sally Rooney:
Sally Rooney born in 1991 in Castlebar, Ireland, is a highly acclaimed contemporary novelist. Known for her insightful portrayal of complex relationships and societal dynamics, Rooney gained widespread recognition with her debut novel, "Conversations with Friends." Her second novel, "Normal People," achieved international acclaim, earning her numerous literary awards. Rooney's works explore themes of love, identity, and societal structures with a nuanced and modern perspective. With "Beautiful World, Where Are You," Rooney continues to captivate readers, showcasing her talent for crafting profound narratives that resonate with the intricacies of contemporary life. Her literary prowess has solidified her status as a leading voice in modern literature.