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The Art of Thinking Clearly

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Author: Rof Dobelli
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  • Author : Rof Dobelli
  • Publisher : Sceptre (8 May 2014)
  • Edition : 2014
  • Book Language : English
  • Genre : Self-Help
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"The Art of Thinking Clearly" by Rolf Dobelli is a thought-provoking exploration of common cognitive biases and logical fallacies that often cloud human judgment. In this engaging and accessible book, Dobelli draws on insights from various fields such as psychology, behavioral economics, and decision theory to expose the systematic errors that individuals frequently make in their thinking processes.

Structured as a collection of short chapters, each addressing a specific cognitive bias or misconception, the book offers readers a practical guide to identifying and mitigating these mental pitfalls. Dobelli delves into well-known biases such as confirmation bias, hindsight bias, and the availability heuristic, among others, providing real-world examples and anecdotes to illustrate their impact on decision-making.

One of the book's key strengths lies in its ability to distill complex psychological concepts into clear and relatable narratives. Dobelli doesn't just highlight the flaws in human thinking; he also provides practical advice on how to cultivate better decision-making habits. By recognizing and understanding these cognitive biases, readers are empowered to make more informed choices in both personal and professional aspects of their lives.

"The Art of Thinking Clearly" serves as a valuable tool for anyone seeking to enhance their critical thinking skills, make better decisions, and navigate the challenges of an information-saturated world. Dobelli's writing style is engaging, making complex concepts accessible to a broad audience, and the book stands as a compelling resource for those interested in the intersection of psychology and decision-making.

 From the Back Cover

A phenomenal international best seller, THE ART OF THINKING CLEARLY is essential reading for anyone with important decisions to make simple, clear and always surprising, it will change the way you think - at work, at home, every day.


About the Author

Rolf Dobelli:

Rolf Dobelli is a Swiss writer, novelist and entrepreneur. He has an MBA and a PhD in economic philosophy from the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland. He is the bestselling author of The Art of Thinking Clearly, which became an instant bestseller, has sold over three million copies worldwide and been translated into 40 languages, and The Art of the Good Life. Dobelli is also founder and curator of WORLD.MINDS, an invitation-only community of the most distinguished international thinkers, scientists and artists.