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The Algebra Of Happiness

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  • Author Name :- Scott Galloway
  • Publisher :- Bantam Press
  • Edition :- 1 July 2019
  • Language :- English
  • Genre :- Self Help
  • Format :- Paperback
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"The Algebra of Happiness" by Scott Galloway is a profound exploration of the factors that contribute to a fulfilling and successful life. Galloway, a renowned business professor and entrepreneur, shares insights drawn from personal experiences, academic research, and the wisdom gained throughout his career.

The book takes readers on a journey through the author's life, combining anecdotes with practical advice on relationships, career, and personal development. Galloway introduces the concept of the "algebra of happiness," a formula for achieving a balanced and meaningful life. He explores themes such as love, friendship, gratitude, and resilience, offering a unique blend of wisdom and wit.

Galloway's narrative is refreshingly candid and relatable, making complex life principles accessible to a wide audience. The book challenges conventional notions of success and happiness, urging readers to reassess their priorities and align them with their true values.

In addition to personal anecdotes, "The Algebra of Happiness" incorporates Galloway's humor and sharp observations on modern life, technology, and societal expectations. The book serves as a guide for individuals navigating the complexities of the contemporary world, providing valuable insights on how to lead a life that is not just successful but deeply fulfilling.

More than a self-help book, Galloway's work encourages readers to reflect on their own lives, make intentional choices, and cultivate happiness in the midst of life's challenges. "The Algebra of Happiness" is a compelling read that combines intellectual depth with practical wisdom, offering readers a roadmap to a more purposeful and contented life.



From The Back Cover


"The Algebra of Happiness" unveils a unique and compelling formula for a fulfilling life, as acclaimed business professor and entrepreneur Scott Galloway shares his wisdom on success, love, and happiness. Through a blend of personal anecdotes, sharp observations, and practical advice, Galloway navigates the complexities of modern life, challenging conventional notions of achievement.

In this refreshing and candid exploration, Galloway introduces the concept of the "algebra of happiness," offering readers a roadmap to balance and meaning. From relationships to career choices, Galloway's insights resonate, encouraging readers to reassess priorities and embrace a life aligned with their true values.

More than a self-help book, "The Algebra of Happiness" is a witty and relatable guide, urging readers to reflect on their lives and make intentional choices that lead to genuine contentment. Galloway's unique blend of humor, intellect, and practical wisdom makes this book an invaluable companion for those seeking not just success, but a life rich in purpose and joy.



About The Author


Scott Galloway is Professor of Marketing at NYU's Stern School of Business and a serial entrepreneur. He has founded nine companies, including Prophet, Red Envelope and L2. He is the bestselling author of The Four and The Algebra of Happiness and has served on the boards of directors of The New York Times Company, Urban Outfitters and UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business. His Prof G and Pivot podcasts, No Mercy/No Malice blog, and Prof G YouTube channel reach millions. In 2020, Adweek named Pivot Business Podcast of the Year. In 2019, Scott founded Section4, an online education platform for working professionals where he teaches business strategy: