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Steal Like An Artist

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  • Author : AUSTIN KLEON
  • Publisher : Workman Publishing
  • Edition : 1st edition (15 April 2014)
  • Language : English
  • Genre : Self Help
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 "Steal Like an Artist" by Austin Kleon is a creative manifesto that challenges conventional notions of originality and creativity. In this concise and insightful book, Kleon encourages aspiring artists and creators to embrace the idea of "stealing" ideas as a means of inspiration and innovation. The author argues that nothing is truly original and that all creative work builds upon what came before. Through a series of ten transformative principles, Kleon provides practical advice on unlocking creativity, cultivating influences, and navigating the creative process.

Kleon's engaging writing style, coupled with visually appealing illustrations, makes "Steal Like an Artist" accessible to a wide audience. The book emphasizes the importance of curiosity, collaboration, and continuous learning in the creative journey. Kleon advocates for the creation of a personal "scrapbook" of influences, encouraging individuals to draw inspiration from a diverse range of sources to fuel their own artistic expression.

Beyond offering creative guidance, the book explores topics such as dealing with failure, managing time, and finding one's unique voice in a crowded creative landscape. Kleon's insights are not only relevant to traditional artists but also to anyone engaged in a creative pursuit, from writers and musicians to entrepreneurs and problem solvers.

"Steal Like an Artist" is a refreshing and unconventional take on creativity, providing a dose of inspiration and motivation for those seeking to unleash their creative potential. It challenges the myth of the isolated genius and promotes a more open and collaborative approach to the creative process. This book is a valuable resource for anyone looking to break through creative blocks and cultivate a more fulfilling and innovative creative life.

From the Back Cover

 "Steal Like an Artist" by Austin Kleon invites readers into the world of creativity with a revolutionary message—embrace influence, draw inspiration from diverse sources, and transform stolen ideas into original masterpieces. Kleon's dynamic manifesto challenges the myth of originality, encouraging artists to build on the work of others. Through ten transformative principles, he provides practical and unconventional advice on fostering creativity. With a blend of wit and wisdom, this book serves as a roadmap for navigating the creative process, unlocking artistic potential, and ultimately, crafting a unique and authentic voice in the world.

About the Author


Austin Kleon is a writer who draws. He is the author of the New York Times bestsellers Steal Like an Artist and Show Your Work! His work has been featured on NPR’s Morning EditionPBS Newshour, and in the New York Times and Wall Street Journal. He also speaks frequently about creativity in the digital age for such organizations as Pixar, Google, SXSW, TEDx, and The Economist. He lives in Austin, Texas, and online at