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Product Type: Romance Novel
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  • Author Name :- Penelope Douglas
  • Publisher :- Penelope Douglas LLC
  • Edition :- 21 October 2016
  • Language :- English
  • Genre :- Romance Novel
  • Format :- Paperback

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"Punk 57," a riveting contemporary romance novel by Penelope Douglas, unfolds a gripping tale of identity, connection, and the electrifying power of love. The narrative centers around two high school pen pals, Misha and Ryen, who share a profound connection through their written words, creating a bond that transcends the pages.

Set against the backdrop of high school politics and teenage angst, "Punk 57" explores the complexities of adolescence and the challenges of self-discovery. Misha and Ryen decide to meet in person, but as fate would have it, circumstances take an unexpected turn. The novel delves into the consequences of mistaken identity, forcing the protagonists to confront the stark differences between their virtual personas and their real selves.

The strength of "Punk 57" lies in its authentic portrayal of teenage emotions and the turbulence of self-identity. Douglas skillfully weaves a narrative that is both heartwarming and heartbreaking, capturing the essence of the characters' struggles with societal expectations, peer pressure, and the quest for individuality.

As the protagonists navigate the complexities of their intertwined destinies, the novel also explores the themes of friendship and the transformative power of love. Douglas crafts multidimensional characters, each with their flaws and virtues, making them relatable and endearing to readers. The chemistry between Misha and Ryen crackles with tension, and their journey unfolds with passion and intensity.

The punk rock aesthetic serves as a fitting backdrop, infusing the story with rebellion and a sense of nonconformity. The novel challenges traditional notions of love and identity, inviting readers to question societal norms and embrace the authentic self.

"Punk 57" is not merely a love story; it's a poignant exploration of the human experience, wrapped in a narrative that is as raw and unapologetic as the punk subculture it draws inspiration from. With its blend of romance, rebellion, and self-discovery, the novel captivates readers, leaving an indelible impression long after the final pages are turned. Penelope Douglas invites readers to ride the rollercoaster of emotions with Misha and Ryen, making "Punk 57" a must-read for those seeking a love story that transcends the conventional boundaries of the genre.


From The Back Cover


"Punk 57" by Penelope Douglas is a thrilling dive into the gritty and rebellious world of teenage identity and love. As high school pen pals Misha and Ryen decide to meet, their anticipated connection takes an unexpected turn when mistaken identity shatters their preconceptions. Set against the turbulent backdrop of high school dynamics, this novel explores the challenges of self-discovery and the complexities of forging genuine connections.

Penelope Douglas crafts a narrative that pulsates with the raw energy of punk rock, mirroring the characters' journey of breaking free from societal norms. The story unfolds with intense passion and confronts the harsh realities of adolescence, tackling themes of friendship, love, and the struggle for individuality.

In "Punk 57" Douglas delivers a gripping romance that challenges conventions, inviting readers to question the masks they wear in their own lives. With its rebellious spirit and authentic portrayal of teenage emotions, this novel is an electrifying exploration of identity, connection, and the transformative power of love in the midst of chaos.


About The Author

Penelope Douglas is a New York TimesUSA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author. Their books have been translated into nineteen languages and include The Fall Away Series, The Devil's Night Series, and the standalones: MisconductPunk57Birthday GirlCredence, and Tryst Six Venom.

They live in Las Vegas with their husband and daughter.

--This text refers to the paperback edition.