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One Arranged Marriage Murder

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Product Type: Romance
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Author: Chetan Bhagat
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  • Author : Chetan Bhagat
  • Publisher : MANSOORI BOOK
  • Edition : 2022nd edition (1 January 2021)
  • Language : English
  • Genre : Romance
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"One Arranged Murder" is a gripping murder mystery novel written by Chetan Bhagat. The story revolves around two childhood friends, Keshav and Saurabh, who are now successful professionals. Keshav is married to his college sweetheart, Reeva, while Saurabh is about to enter into an arranged marriage with Prerna.

The narrative takes an intriguing turn when Prerna's ex-boyfriend is found dead under mysterious circumstances. The friends find themselves entangled in a web of secrets, lies, and suspense as they attempt to unravel the truth behind the murder. The plot weaves through the complexities of relationships, the dynamics of arranged marriages, and the darker side of human nature.

Chetan Bhagat, known for his accessible writing style, combines elements of romance, thriller, and social commentary in "One Arranged Murder." The novel not only explores the central mystery but also delves into the challenges and intricacies of modern relationships in the backdrop of contemporary Indian society. Bhagat skillfully keeps the readers engaged with his signature blend of humor, drama, and suspense.

As the characters navigate through the investigation, the story also provides insights into the cultural nuances surrounding arranged marriages and the expectations placed on individuals in such settings. "One Arranged Murder" is not just a whodunit; it is a commentary on societal norms, relationships, and the choices people make when faced with unexpected challenges. The novel offers a compelling narrative that keeps readers guessing until the very end.


From the Back Cover

 "One Arranged Murder" by Chetan Bhagat is a gripping and suspenseful thriller that unravels the complexities of relationships against the backdrop of a mysterious murder. The novel introduces readers to Keshav and Saurabh, childhood friends now navigating the challenges of adulthood. When a close friend's death is ruled as a suicide, Keshav becomes convinced it's murder and is compelled to investigate.

Set in the bustling city of Delhi, Bhagat's narrative weaves through the labyrinth of family, love, and secrets. As Keshav digs deeper into the circumstances surrounding the death, he unravels a web of lies, betrayals, and buried truths. The novel keeps readers on the edge of their seats with its unpredictable twists, blending elements of romance, suspense, and whodunit intrigue.

"One Arranged Murder" is not just a crime thriller; it's a reflection on the complexities of modern relationships and the shadows that lurk beneath seemingly ordinary lives. Bhagat's storytelling prowess shines through, offering readers a page-turning experience that keeps them guessing until the final revelation.


About the Author

Chetan Bhagat:

Chetan Bhagat is the author of nine blockbuster books. These include seven novels—Five Point Someone (2004), One Night @ the Call Center (2005), The 3 Mistakes of My Life (2008), 2 States (2009), Revolution 2020 (2011), Half Girlfriend (2014) and One Indian Girl (2016) and two non-fiction titles— What Young India Wants (2012) and Making India Awesome(2015). His upcoming book 400 Days is now available to preorder and will release on 17th September 2021. Chetan’s books have remained bestsellers since their release. Four out his five novels have been already adapted into successful Bollywood films and the others are in process of being adapted as well. The New York Times called him the ‘the biggest selling English language novelist in India’s history’. Time magazine named him amongst the ‘100 most influential people in the world’ and Fast Company, USA, listed him as one of the world’s ‘100 most creative people in business’. Chetan writes columns for leading English and Hindi newspapers, focusing on youth and national development issues. He is also a motivational speaker and screenplay writer. Chetan quit his international investment banking career in 2009 to devote his entire time to writing and make change happen in the country. He lives in Mumbai with his wife, Anusha, an ex-classmate from IIM-A, and his twin boys, Shyam and Ishaan. You can email him at or fill in the Guestbook with your feedback. You can also follow him on twitter (@chetan_bhagat) or like his Facebook fanpage (