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Magic of Thinking Big

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Product Type: Self-Help
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Author: David Schawartz
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  • Author : David Schawartz
  • Publisher : Book Supply Co
  • Edition : 2002
  • Language : Hindi
  • Genre : Self-Help
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 Badi Shoch Ka Bada Jadu is the Hindi translation of David J. Schwartz's best seller The Magic of Thinking Big. The author’s point of view is that thinking big is the way to success, that is, thinking positively about oneself. The main stumbling block that prevents many people from succeeding in their life is the smallness or inconsequential nature of their thoughts. Schwartz tries to prove that it is not necessary to have an inherent talent or be an intellectual for attaining success, but there is a need for a person to understand and learn the habit of behaving and thinking in ways by which he or she can reach the top. His book begins with the story of a salesman who is able to sell more, and make more money than his co-salesmen. He is not highly qualified, influential, or smarter than his friends. However, he just decides that he should sell more and eventually he achieves what he wants.


From the Back Cover

The Magic of Thinking Big" by David J. Schwartz is a timeless guide that unlocks the secrets to achieving extraordinary success and fulfillment. With an empowering philosophy, Schwartz challenges readers to think beyond limitations and embrace a mindset of abundance. Drawing on practical examples and inspirational stories, he illustrates how thinking big is the cornerstone to realizing one's dreams and aspirations.

Schwartz's transformative insights provide a blueprint for overcoming self-doubt, conquering fear, and unleashing untapped potential. The book emphasizes the importance of setting ambitious goals, cultivating a positive attitude, and taking bold actions to create a life of significance. From career advancement to personal relationships, Schwartz's principles encourage readers to approach every aspect of life with confidence and enthusiasm.

"The Magic of Thinking Big" remains a classic in the self-help genre, offering a roadmap for individuals aspiring to achieve greatness. Schwartz's wisdom transcends time, providing readers with the tools to break through mental barriers and manifest a reality defined by audacious thinking and purposeful action.


About the Author

David Schawartz:

DR DAVID J SCHWARTZ was a world-renowned motivational speaker and personal development expert. Born in the United States in 1927, he went on to be a professor at Georgia State University, and later founded his own consultancy firm, Creative Educational Services Inc.

CES Inc. specialised in leadership development and life strategy, subjects which Swchartz went on to write several highly-acclaimed books about. He passed away in 1987.