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Everything I Never Told You

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Product Type: Mystery
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Author Name: CELESTE NG
Binding: Paperback
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  • Author Name :- Celeste Ng
  • Publisher :- Little, Brown Book Group
  • Edition :- 1 February 2015
  • Language :- English
  • Genre :- Mystery
  • Format :- Paperback

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"Everything I Never Told You" by Celeste Ng is a poignant and compelling exploration of family dynamics, identity, and the profound impact of unspoken truths. Set in 1970s small-town Ohio, the novel opens with the mysterious drowning of Lydia Lee, the favored daughter in a Chinese-American family.

The narrative artfully weaves together the perspectives of Lydia, her parents, and her siblings, unraveling the intricate threads that bind them. Ng delves into the complexities of cultural expectations, the weight of parental aspirations, and the consequences of societal pressures. The characters grapple with issues of race, gender, and the pursuit of acceptance in a community that often perceives them as outsiders.

Lydia's death serves as a catalyst, laying bare the family's hidden struggles and the misunderstandings that have festered over the years. Ng's writing is evocative, capturing the nuances of each character's emotional landscape with empathy and insight. The novel is a mosaic of secrets, regrets, and the yearning for connection.

As the Lee family confronts the aftermath of Lydia's death, they are forced to confront the truths left unspoken. The novel skillfully explores the ripple effects of seemingly small decisions, illustrating how the past shapes the present. Ng's storytelling is both sensitive and powerful, creating a narrative that resonates with universal themes of love, loss, and the quest for identity.

"Everything I Never Told You" is a masterfully crafted novel that invites readers to contemplate the intricacies of familial bonds and the consequences of societal expectations. Celeste Ng's exploration of the Lee family's joys and sorrows is a deeply affecting and thought-provoking journey that lingers in the reader's mind long after the final page.


From The Back Cover 


"Everything I Never Told You" by Celeste Ng is a profound and emotionally charged novel that unravels the complexities of a Chinese-American family in 1970s Ohio. The narrative begins with the mysterious drowning of Lydia Lee, exposing the fault lines within the Lee family. As each member grapples with their grief, secrets are unveiled, and unspoken truths come to light.

Celeste Ng's storytelling is a delicate exploration of race, identity, and the weight of familial expectations. The novel seamlessly weaves together the perspectives of each family member, offering a nuanced portrayal of their struggles and desires. Lydia's death becomes a catalyst for the family's introspection, revealing the profound impact of unspoken words.

Ng's prose is evocative, capturing the nuances of cultural and societal pressures with grace. "Everything I Never Told You" is a compelling examination of the intricacies of human relationships, illuminating the silent burdens carried within families. As the Lee family confronts the aftermath of Lydia's demise, Ng invites readers to reflect on the universal themes of belonging, acceptance, and the enduring search for identity in the face of societal expectations.


About the Author

Celeste Ng grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Shaker Heights, Ohio, in a family of scientists. Her fiction and essays have appeared in One StoryTriQuarterlyBellevue Literary Review, and elsewhere, and she is a recipient of the Pushcart Prize. Currently, she lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with her husband and son.