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Eleven Minutes

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Product Type: Fiction
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Author: Paulo Coelho
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  • Author : Paulo Coelho
  • Publisher : Harper
  • Edition : Latest edition (20 March 2006)
  • Language : English
  • Genre : Fiction
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'Eleven minutes' is the masterpiece of Brazilian bestselling author Paulo Coelho. This novel is based on a fictional account of a woman named Maria who lives in Rio, but moves to Geneva. She is poor and has to do menial jobs to survive in Geneva. Fate led her to be a prostitute. She has accepted her life in this way and keeps on going with it displaying great strength. It is during one of her walks down a street that she feels a sexual awakening inside her. The quest for physical pleasure leads her into some interesting situations, where she tries to find her own body and desires. While she is living a life of a prostitute, trying to understand herself sexually, she comes across a man. She crosses path with a young painter. She is instantly smitten by his charm and he is captivated by Maria too. There is a chance that she might fall in love. At this strange time, love has found her door, will she let it in? Or will it be another sexual adventure for her? This honest tale of a woman's journey to understand her physically and emotionally is bound to keep you hooked till the last page. The descriptions are vivid and yet leave a lot to the imagination. You cannot categorize this as an erotica, rather it will stir your soul and will force you to think and look within. Maria is not alone in this experience and many of us share it at some point or the other. Paulo Coelho deals with the complex and taboo issues of sexual awakening, love and a combination of both. How well can one keep the physical desire and platonic love boxed together in one relationship forms the crux of this book. It was originally written in Portuguese, but was later translated in many languages across the globe. About the author Paulo Coelho is a Brazilian author who is known for his complex style of writing and bold outlook on issues. His novels “The Alchemist”, “Veronica decides to die” and many others are international bestsellers, translated into many languages. The book is available online for convenient shopping. You can buy this book from A today by following a few easy steps.

From the Back Cover

"Eleven Minutes" by Paulo Coelho is a soul-stirring exploration of love, desire, and self-discovery. The novel follows the journey of Maria, a young Brazilian girl who, in pursuit of a better life, ventures into the world of love and passion. The back cover introduces readers to a tale that goes beyond the surface of physical intimacy, delving into the profound realms of human connection and personal transformation.

As Maria navigates the complexities of relationships and the intricacies of desire, Coelho weaves a narrative that challenges societal norms and explores the spiritual dimensions of love. The novel invites readers to contemplate the nature of love, intimacy, and the pursuit of one's true purpose in life.

With his characteristic lyrical prose, Coelho takes readers on a compelling journey through Maria's experiences, offering insights into the human condition and the universal quest for meaning. "Eleven Minutes" is a poignant and thought-provoking novel that transcends the boundaries of conventional romance, inviting readers to reflect on the nature of desire, the pursuit of happiness, and the profound connections that shape our lives.

About the Author

Paulo Coelho:

Paulo Coelho, born in Rio de Janeiro in 1947, is one of the bestselling and most influential authors in the world. The Alchemist, The Pilgrimage, The Valkyries, Brida, Veronika Decides to Die, Eleven Minutes, The Zahir, The Witch of Portobello and The Winner Stands Alone, among others, have sold 115 million copies in more than 160 countries.